Pounds MARCHing Out

This has been quite a month for me! Not only did I graduate earlier this month but I also hit yet another milestone, 150lbs!!! I’ve learned many things in this month on my own (without the weekly classes). I can be a little bad without too many repercussions (i.e. a few meals in Portland and […]

PacNorth Not Poundage

Hey guys! I’m back from Portland and it was pretty much what I thought it would be…Temptation Island without the last part. I had a great time paling around with my friends and while it was only a long weekend, I felt very satisfied all around. I flew in Friday morning and was pretty much […]

Pounds and Portland

Well I did it again folks, I was able to lose another 2lbs 5oz this week. I’m actually quite amazed the train is still going after I ate out once on Sunday. Sure I had a veggie omelette but the portion was huge! I guess it all came out in the wash since veggies are […]

Graduation Day aka Independence Day

It’s been a bit since I last blogged but I am hoping to get back on track with this post. A lot has happened since my last entry and I wanted to share some exciting news… I MADE IT! Last night I reached the end of the 30-week mandatory weight loss program which helped me […]

Even Out

This has been a mixed bag week in the way of physical activity. I attribute it to an increased level of stress at work but I quickly turned that around by addressing the main level of my stress. I have been finding when I don’t do my typical number of steps or skip the “lunch […]

Like & Loss

You read the title right, the usual saying is “Love & Loss” but how can you love someone when you barely know them? I am getting to know this guy named Erik who lives nearly 130 miles south of Modesto and yes we are dating. Date number occurred on Sat and it was very nice. […]

Sickening Weekend

I’d like to say my weekend was all puppy dogs, rainbows and calorie-free super fudgie cake but as we all know, one of those don’t exist, can you guess which? Friday everything was going along at an even clip then I developed a minor sore throat which I didn’t really pay much attention to until […]