Ambitious Health

I like to give credit where credit is due. I didn’t get to my healthier self without a little help from some family, friends and strangers. Yep, strangers! As much as the parents drilled into my head in my formidable years, I’ve been finding solace in the words and recipes of those I don’t know very well. Pinterest has been my jam too!

One standout though is a lovely blogger by the name of Monique who heads up a great healthy blog site called Ambitious Kitchen. From what I gather, she’s into fun ways to eat and live healthy so it only made sense to try out some of her recipes as I learned how to eat well without eating dangerously. 

One of the most memorable of her array of healthful eats comes in the form of Chickpea Blondies, which I’ve made four separate times for loved ones and co-workers! I’ve also forayed into salads and an amazing zucchini lasagna which I have to make again! A hearty ground veggie sausage replaced beef or poultry and I have to say I was quite pleased!
All things considered, I applaud Ambitious Kitchen and Monique for aiding in my healthy ways and I implore you to check out her blog at

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