Borrowing from the Urban Dictionary, it’s much more than a cleverly compounded title describing the holiday time between Oct and Dec. It is a state of mind either positive or negative. For many, it’s a difficult time during one’s personal battle of the bulge because there are so many temptations! First comes candy then comes savories doused in gravy then comes a salty meat derived from a portly animal that oinks, when does the madness end you ask? January.

Ok in all seriousness the madness doesn’t have to begin at all IF and only IF you set your mind to healthier choices during these hard times! I have to admit that my first round of “Hallowthanksmas” last year was difficult but I was already learning that it doesn’t have to be if you’re smart about it. For those of my readers out there still struggling, here is my advice…

If you’re going to eat those awful foods, sample! You want that candy? Have one piece and only one piece! You want to douse something in gravy? Take only one tablespoon and drizzle the good stuff on your food item (hopefully the food item is a sensible portion as well!). You’re dying for some salty, portly oink magic? A few small pieces should do the trick! I myself substituted candy with this great stuff called Unreal Candy which has truly unjunked the world of candy, had extremely small portions of mostly everything on my plate at Thanksgiving and I’m going to do the same at Christmas! It can be done folks!

I implore you to start thinking about your strategies especially as the new year approaches. 2017 could be the one year you turn it all around for the good! 

Until next time!

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