Maintenance Crew

I’m only one person but I think in terms of making sure my body stays in a satisfactory stasis, it takes a team! A team of bodily systems and the city center of all those systems keeping them in check. I call them my maintenance crew and they’re doing a heck of a job. For quite some time now I’ve been staying below my ceiling of 200lbs and keeping it just above the floor of 190lbs. This is a great place to be and such an accomplishment from where I used to be, wildly out of control!

Since I’ve been doing so good people have asked for my help and I’ve been doing everything I can to pay it forward. Sometimes I feel like a broken record but the advice is real and it worked for me! I can only hope people can thrive off the advice I give. I want healthy to be a norm for those that I love and those I call strangers. Health is real, health is great, health is my life!

If you’re reading this, reach out if you’re struggling or just need a boost. I’m here for ya!

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