PacNorth Not Poundage

Hey guys! I’m back from Portland and it was pretty much what I thought it would be…Temptation Island without the last part. I had a great time paling around with my friends and while it was only a long weekend, I felt very satisfied all around.

I flew in Friday morning and was pretty much whisked away to this new, authentic Ramen place that just opened in town and apparently has been getting a lot of buzz amongst the denizens. There was a line and as I stood in said line my anxieties were at Defcon 5! Was I going to be able to behave myself? When my bowl finally arrived I was in awe of how healthy it looked. Lots of broth, skinny noodles, a half an egg and some major greens swimming around. The bowl was an absolute delight and my friend chuckled as he observed me acting like I was taking my first steps, wobbly at best with my poor chopstick skills. After everything was said and done, I didn’t feel too guilty but knew what I had to do once we finally arrived at the pad. Later that day I did an hour of cardio, much needed for my psyche.

Throughout the course of my trip, I indulged in tapas and even an ice cream cone at my favorite shop in town of course on different days. That quasi-carelessness was equally matched with getting back on my food plan and even more cardio!

Once I got back I was definitely back to my basics and it paid off with another loss on the books. This time it was a little less than normal at 1lb 8oz. I’m still very happy with myself though. I was able to kinda be human and still get my healthy reward. This was a good experiment and a great visit!!!

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