Even Out

This has been a mixed bag week in the way of physical activity. I attribute it to an increased level of stress at work but I quickly turned that around by addressing the main level of my stress. I have been finding when I don’t do my typical number of steps or skip the “lunch walk” I feel a lot less oomphy as I call it. I truly am OCD now about how many steps I get in, the timing on my feedings and just having a great day overall.

Last night I had another weigh in and I think I am evening out at roughly 2lbs a week which is very very healthy! My weigh in this week has me at a 2lb 6oz loss clocking in at a total loss of 132lbs!!!! Honestly I couldn’t be happier with how this is going and knowing that all the little positive things I’ve been doing for myself are adding up. While I can never say I’m fully cured of the triggers which put me in a bad spot before, the way to manage them are definitely in place!

I am trying to adjust how I spend my free time turning dormancy into productivity. I like to set up my world for success and if that means packing up my meals for the next work day or plotting out my meals if there’s a weekend activity involved, I’m all in! I think back to the first time I was “on my own” and there was so much anxiety surrounding the planning but that has definitely subsided. Never in a million years did I think that my dietician’s words about this becoming something I could do with my eyes closed would ever come to fruition. I have some travel coming up and I know exactly what I want to do and what I need to do which is a great mindset to have.

I will continue to be the champion of my own health even if it is a day to day operation.

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