Like & Loss

You read the title right, the usual saying is “Love & Loss” but how can you love someone when you barely know them? I am getting to know this guy named Erik who lives nearly 130 miles south of Modesto and yes we are dating. Date number occurred on Sat and it was very nice. We did some museum and art gallery hopping which, coupled with a very mild and sunny afternoon, proved to be quite a nice day. The date ended in the early evening because he had to drive back home. I am not sure if there will be a third date or if we are just going to be friends because nit-picky me discovered some things about him that I didn’t quite care for. It’s truly a game of wait and see.

Now for the loss part. This week was kind of a weird one because the week before I had an unexpected weight loss on the higher side mentioned in my previous blog post. Come to find out the scale had some technical difficulties so that reading couldn’t be used in a sense. The powers that be in my program decided to combine the losses from the week before Scaleaggeddon as I’m calling it along with the loss from last Thurs to make it a combined 7lbs 4oz for the two weeks, I’ll take it! The best part is that I am at a point where I know that my true plateau is around the corner and I am already devising ways to punch through the ceiling and continue to rock this!

My next weigh in is in a couple of days and here’s hoping for a nice loss.

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