Sickening Weekend

I’d like to say my weekend was all puppy dogs, rainbows and calorie-free super fudgie cake but as we all know, one of those don’t exist, can you guess which? Friday everything was going along at an even clip then I developed a minor sore throat which I didn’t really pay much attention to until I woke up Sat not being able to sing my usual morning sonata (ok so I embellished a bit there, it was more like a rock opera ballad…haha!)

I immediately blamed the CPAP machine for inserting some kind of nefarious bugger in my respiratory system. An all out war ensued! I remembered that I packed away this lovely CPAP cleaning machine which ionizes every square inch of the machine that tried to kill me. Why did I pack away such a great defender of my delicate and natural breathing system? WHO KNOWS?! From the second I pulled the mask out of the chamber of CPAP bugger death I knew it was as clean as a church-goer on Sunday!

So here I am now sounding like a cross between Rod Stewart and Kim Carnes (think Betty Davis Eyes) but I’m pretty sure I’m bugger free. Now just on the road to recovery!

In other news, I completely boycotted the Super Bowl this year and instead I binged on Revenge. Not real revenge, the mystery, intrigue and drama that is the now defunct ABC hit series which ran from 2011 to 2015. Can I get a WHAT WHAT from any Revenge fans out there?! Brutes on the gridiron (surprised I know that word huh after what I just revealed) are not my cup of tea, seeing Madeline Stowe bust out her claws is much more like it!

Next weekend is going to be much more interactive as I have a date coming up, yes you heard me right, A DATE! Stay tuned!!!

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