Health Misconceptions

Just when I thought I was invincible, a small cold snuck up on me! What is this thing called a cold? I thought since I’ve been making healthier choices that I’d be immune to those little buggers but they still found a way around my defensive line (for all you football fans out there)! In any case I’ll be nursing myself back to health but staying the course in my battleship.

In other news, my voracious appetite is returning which has me worried but I’m trying not to listen to it. This is exactly what my dietician suspected and gave us some tools to combat it including mindfulness exercises. Patterned after Tibetan Monks, we are encouraged to open our minds to ourselves rather than our surroundings and while it seems too hippy dippy, it does work! With those tools and my willingness to continue to eat right, I know I can get past this temporary feeling.

I’m glad I decided to sit out any Super Bowl celebrations this year because those can be a breaking moment as well. I’ve distanced myself from football altogether so there’s that too. I do hope everyone enjoys the day especially since it’s so close to home for many 🙂 Enjoy what is setting up to be a very nice weekend!

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